You became an entrepreneur so you could do what you love...

But the financial side of the business is stressing you out.

I get it. I've worked with dozens of small business owners and I know you're working your tail off. If you struggle with knowing how to leverage your business to create wealth, it can feel like...

✋ You're running on a hamster wheel with no end in sight.

✋ You're not sure how you'll ever be able to pay yourself enough or retire.

✋  You're so worried you aren't going to "do it right" that you end up ignoring your financials altogether.

✋  You have so many big goals for your business but you aren't sure how you're going to afford everything.

✋  You get ignored whenever you try to reach out to a CPA for advice, or you don't understand all the jargon, so you feel more confused after talking to a professional than you were to begin with.

In this course, I am going to teach you how to Be Your Own CFO. You'll walk away feeling empowered and confident, knowing how to set your business up for success in the long run and keep yourself out of trouble.

Success doesn't happen by accident - so I'll teach you my quarterly system that I use with my CFO clients to ensure all your bases are covered and to provide the clarity you need to make smart business decisions, increase your profits, and grow your wealth.

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A 12-week program to create financial clarity in your business with Sarah Young, CPA and Virtual CFO

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Are you thinking...

  • You love what you do and have big dreams for your business, but you aren't sure how to afford it all.

  • You’re working your tail off, but you feel like you could pay yourself more and cash flow is often tight.

  • You’re worried about taxes and bookkeeping, and aren't sure how to do things the “right” way.

  • Your calendar is filled to the brim with meetings and client work, so the accounting and financial component of the business always seems to get put on the back burner.

  • You're tired of searching for answers online and just want someone to tell you what you REALLY need to know.

What If You Could:

✨ Confidently grow your business from your first few clients to multiple six figures.

✨ Stay profitable and pay yourself more with a personalized financial plan. (Spoiler alert - it doesn't always rely on more sales!)

✨ Generate positive cash flow and invest wisely in your business - and have some fun!

✨ Create a stabile, resilient business that withstands the test of time.

✨Turn your business into a wealth-generating engine that helps you achieve your rich life goals.

✨ Keep up with your books and interpret your financials so you can make the best data-driven decisions for your business.

✨ Manage and minimize your taxes while staying out of trouble.

✨ Know when and how to build your business and grow your team.


Be Your Own CFO teaches you everything you need to know about business finances - and nothing you don't - so you can run your business with confidence from solopreneur to six figures.

  • Know Your Numbers

    Manage your books, understand your financials, and make smart financial decisions.

  • Make A Plan

    Set strategic goals, understand your cash cycle, and make a financial plan for your business.

  • Optimize Your Cash Flow

    Pull the right levers at the right time to create more stability and resilience in your business.

  • Stabilize + Simplify

    Avoid surprises, make your taxes easy, and keep more of your profits with a simple money management system.

  • Build Your Business

    Grow your business with smart hiring, funding, and financial systems.

  • Create a Wealth Engine

    Allocate the money generated by your business in alignment with your rich life goals.

Hi! I'm Sarah.

My mission is to remove financial roadblocks so that no business owners are held back from reaching their goals by their money situation.

I'm a CPA and Virtual CFO, and a wife and mom. I spent years honing my business, finance, and leadership skills in the Big Four and at a large publicly-traded company before founding Young + Co. I started my business after seeing first-hand how difficult it is for small business owners to find trusted experts to help them understand their entire financial picture. I decided to fix that problem!

I believe in a modern approach to accounting, and I'm not the stodgy, traditional CPA your dad referred you to. I believe that there's way more to your business than your tax return - it's important to think about your finances holistically in order to maximize your overall profits so you can build your wealth and legacy and create more peace and stability in your life.

In addition to helping my clients achieve their financial goals, I’m also a business owner like you. After working with dozens of clients and growing my own business, I've learned what works - and what results in money flying out the door.

I've put all my knowledge and best practices into this course to provide you with a system that covers literally everything you need to know about how to manage your business finances as you progress from solopreneur to multiple six figures.

Here's what you get:

Be Your Own CFO is a comprehensive 12-week program that will teach you literally everything you need to know about creating a profitable business, from solopreneur to multi-six figures and beyond.

👉 Lifetime access to pre-recorded video modules plus access to all future updates to the program.

👉 My signature live Quarterly CFO Roadmap session where you'll create your personalized profit strategy based on what you need in your business.

👉 A quick-start On Ramp program to walk you through setting the right foundations and getting your books cleaned up so we can dig into the fun stuff!

👉 Twice monthly live community calls, including group finance dates for tactical coaching and accountability plus training sessions on financial strategy and mindset. All calls are hosted by me, your personal CPA and Virtual CFO, and are recorded in case you can't make it live. You can preview our live call schedule here.

👉 All my best financial templates, calculators, checklists, and worksheets to make implementation a breeze.

👉 A private, members-only Facebook community for daily support and coaching.

👉 A community of like-minded business owners to cheer you on!


👉 Early Bird Bonus! Sign up by January 5, 2022 for a FREE one-on-one session with Sarah to be used at any time during the program. 👈

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    One-time payment - 10% savings!

  • Three Monthly Payments of $549

    3 payments totaling $1,647


Here's What My Clients Have To Say...

“Before joining Be Your Own CFO, I only looked at my numbers when it was tax time, which inevitably led to unpleasant surprises. Now, I not only keep up with my accounting, but I understand what my numbers are telling me and why they're important. I have so much more clarity around my financial goals and what I want out of my business, and I know how I can make my money work for me. I have a plan for the future and can work toward executing on my vision for my business! Plus, I won't have any big surprises at tax time because I'm addressing my financials head-on.”

Lorree Riley, Envision Creative Counseling

“This program is amazing! It has helped me not only manage my finances and forecasting better but helped me get a healthier mindset about my financial planning as a CEO! Sarah broke things down into bite-sized actions which helped me understand how to manage my business finances, set up the right processes, and create a framework to grow in the future. And all her spreadsheets were so helpful! It's the first weekend of the month, and I've carved out time to reconcile my accounts (through QuickBooks!) and review my financial statements, and I've even set up bank accounts for business savings and taxes!”

Karen Weeks, KDW Coaching

“I have an MBA, but setting up my business's finances was confusing to me! Sarah broke it all down, made it simple and approachable, and left me feeling really confident about running my business. She taught me how to set up my QuickBooks the right way, pay myself, and reinforced a profit first mentality. She also made it clear what I needed to do and what risks I could afford to take as a business owner. Sarah makes finance fun!

Jessica Lackey, Jessica Lackey Consulting

Still Have Questions?

I've Got Answers!

  • When does BYOCFO begin and end?

    You have lifetime access to the modules and resources, including future updates!

    We run BYOCFO several times throughout the year. The next cohort begins on Monday, January 10, 2022 and runs for 12 weeks. You'll have access to all live calls, support from me and my team, and the members-only Facebook community during the program.

    You'll have the option to stay in the community and continue to have access to our calls, Facebook group, and support as you work through your next financial goals after the 12 weeks is up!

  • How does it all work?

    BYO CFO is a mix of pre-recorded content, templates for easy implementation, and live coaching calls.

    First, you'll start with the On Ramp, where you'll begin to change your money mindset and get your books cleaned up. I'll walk you through how to do that step by step!

    Then we'll have our Monthly Finance Date sessions! What I want you to learn here is how to read your financials and assess what's working and what's not. You'll keep your financial system organized, pay yourself, and handle your taxes.

    Toward the end of Month 1, we're going to have our Quarterly CFO Roadmap session. This is my favorite! It's a potent session where you'll set intentional financial goals and make a plan for how you're going to make it all happen, with a focus on identifying key action items for the next quarter.

    Then, based on the priorities you've set, you're going to focus on one or two "Finance Tracks." For the rest of the program, you're going to work on increasing your cash flow, creating a stabilized and simple business, growing your business, or creating a wealth engine. You have access to all the content for each track, but I want you to focus on only one or two areas before moving on to the next!

    We'll have an extra monthly coaching call every month in addition to continuing the Monthly Finance Dates for ongoing accountability.

  • Am I a good fit for BYOCFO?

    BYOCFO is going to teach you all the business financial concepts that any business owner needs to know. This program was designed with small business owners in mind and is ideal for you if you're in your first few years of business and/or are in the solopreneur stage, and are ready to grow your business and increase your profit margin. BYOCFO will teach you literally everything you need to know to grow from the solopreneur stage to generating multi-six figures in revenue.

    BYOCFO is best suited for sole proprietors, LLCs, and S Corps. If you have a lot of investors or a complicated structure, this course is probably not a great fit.

    It's also best to take the course when you've made a sale or two, or have planned out your programs or products. That way you have some numbers to work through!

  • What's the time committment?

    You'll get what you put into the program! BYOCFO is a comprehensive program, but I've used my teaching and training skills to distill the modules down to focus you on what you really need to know.

    You should budget 1-2 hours each week to watch the videos and work through the resources. I also really want you to implement what you've learned in your business, so you should set aside time to work on your homework assignments, check in with us in the Facebook group, and attend the live Q&As! This will help you create a good financial habit of checking in on your business every week.

    Remember, part of your role as CEO of your business is to be a good steward of your money, so we'll teach you how to create processes and routines to make that easy.

  • How will I get my questions answered as I work through the course?

    I fully expect you to have questions as you work through the modules. In fact, if you don't ask me any questions, I'll reach out to make sure you're actually doing the work! 😉

    You have many options for support during the 12-week program. We have a private Facebook group where you can post questions, you can submit your files for us to review using our Ask a CFO feature within our course platform, and there will be time for questions on each of our live calls!

    After the 12 weeks end, you'll have the option to continue having access to the community, calls, and support as you work through your next financial goals for a lower monthly membership fee.

  • Do you use confusing jargon and complicated concepts?

    Heck no! 🙅‍♀️ I want this to be as pain-free as possible!

    Fun fact about me - I actually taught high school math for two years before going back to get my Master's in Accounting. I also trained dozens of staff in my public accounting and corporate days. If I can teach them, I sure can teach you!

    I know that numbers and accounting can make a lot of people clam up, stress out, fall asleep, or run for a glass of wine. So I've broken down all my knowledge and best tips into easily-digestible, short lessons that teach you exactly what you need to know, no jargon or memorizing debits and credits required.

  • Should I sign up if I'm not located in the US?

    Yes! The vast majority of the concepts I teach in BYOCFO are applicable to any business owner across the world. In fact, there are only a handful of US-specific concepts I cover - such as US tax rules and hiring rules - but these topics are only a small part of their respective modules.

  • Does this course replace a bookkeeper or tax accountant?

    I think there's a time and place to hire a bookkeeper and CPA, but it isn't always right when you start your business.

    For your bookkeeping, you will learn enough in BYOCFO to keep your own books up to date. Even if you do outsource your bookkeeping, BYOCFO will teach you how to interpret your financials and make good decisions, which most bookkeepers don't have the capacity to help with.

    After taking this course, you might feel confident enough to use a software like TurboTax to take care of your own tax return. I'll explain all your taxes to you and even walk you through a Schedule C and a few other key parts of your return. However, if you are generating profits that are close to or in excess of $100,000, or if you have multiple owners or file as an S Corp, I HIGHLY recommend hiring a tax accountant.

    Whether you outsource these tasks or not, it's important for you to understand the concepts. You need know if everything is done the right way because ultimately, the responsibility for the success of your business and your taxes being done the right way lies with you.

    I'm also going to teach you several things that most CPAs or bookkeepers won't cover (at least not proactively) - like how to price for profits, how to create a budget, how to manage your cash flow and invest in your business, how to pay yourself, and how to hire a team.

  • What's your refund policy?

    I want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment! If you put the work in, you will see results and feel clear on your business's finances.

    So if you don't feel satisfied for any reason after completing the On Ramp and Quarterly Roadmap exercises, simply reach out to me at hello (at), show me the work you've done, and I'll refund your investment in full.